Why MoorForLess Exists

Problems that need solving exist everywhere you look. From figuring out how to find your cell phone that fell into the couch to making it easier to enjoy your boat with friends and family.

Being on the water, whether a river, lake, or the ocean, is such a great stress relieving activity. So, I was surprised several years ago when I'd see and hear about a major stress cause for boaters: boat launching ramps. Nearly everyone that I spoke with about their experience putting in a boat at a boat ramp was overwhelmingly negative. Having used the local boat ramps here in Wilmington, NC, Wrightsville Beach, NC, and several lake ramps around the country, I felt the pain and stress that it caused each and every person I spoke with.

Why are so many people willing to go through such a stressful 15 to 60 minutes of lining up, waiting, watching a new boater back up 12 times? The answer really has two answers.

  1. Being on a boat on the water is an amazing experience every time you do it.
  2. They have no choice because they can't find a boat slip to rent.

OK. Simple. Let's find a boat slip to rent for the summer... Not so simple unless you're extremely lucky or know someone with an in. You'd be amazed (or maybe not) by the ratio of boat owners to boat slips available at marinas. Marinas are pretty well positioned to get boat slip renters and owners in the door by virtue of their location and advertising dollars. But what about all of those empty boat slips sitting unused just yards away from the boat ramp? They just sit there taunting you while you get yelled at for taking more than 15 seconds to get your boat in the water.

That's Where We Come In

What if, as a boat slip owner, you could reach a large, targeted audience to get better exposure when selling a boat slip? On top of that, boat slips owners don't pay a penny in brokerage fees. Read that again. There are no brokerage fees to sell your boat.

As a boat slip owner, you'll:

  1. Save all of your 6-8% brokerage commission for selling your slip because there are no brokerage fees.
  2. Specify exactly what your boat slip has to offer so buyers and renters can easily find it. Electricity. Check. A lift. Check. Over 25 different search criteria exist as of today with even more being added.
  3. Want some extra cash? Of course you do. Utilize your unused boat slip asset by renting it to generate some passive income.
  4. Get the maximum value from your boat slip whether you choose to sell or rent.

As someone who is sick of waiting in line and want to just park the car, hop in the boat, and go, you'll:

  1. Find more listings that fit your needs. MoorForLess.com should be the only place that you need to visit to find your next boat slip to buy or rent.
  2. Never have to read through 50+ paragraphs of text on Craigslist only to find out that none of the ads has the onsite fuel that you really want.
  3. Utilize over 25 different search criteria to find exactly what you want.
  4. Find short term boat slip rentals (a few months), overnight boat slip rentals (transient boat slip rentals), and boat slips for sale.

Our goal is to make the boating experience as enjoyable as it should be. To do that, we are acting as a boat slip matchmaker. Try it out today!

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