Traveling Via Boat

Everyone loves vacations. Everyone needs vacation. It's the best way to decompress from our hectic work schedules. Even though I just returned from a two week vacation, I already feel like I need another!

Sites like and are great for terrestrial vacationers. You just enter a city you want to visit and get plenty of listings of the best condos, bed and breakfasts, hotel rooms, and houses that your money can buy. These are great services and allow me to pack up the car and take my family for a nice trip.

Now what are all of us boaters left to do? A lot of legwork in order to plan a trip. So much so that you probably are manually doing the equivalent of what AAA's TripTik is doing via computer.

Boating all day is great - that's why so many people enjoy being on the water. Taking it a step farther has been difficult. Finding overnight transient dockage is hard unless you've 1: been to the place before, or 2: hear about a place to dock your boat overnight from a friend. Traveling by boat for vacation should not be such a chore. It should be as enjoyable as loading up the boat and heading out to fish. Here at, we're trying to help you plan your vacation trip by boat by finding a transient boat slip.

How Do I Rent a Boat Slip Overnight?

Simple. Head over to and search our transient boat slip listings. You can enter your destination, a radius, any filters you might want (e.g. fuel on site), and see exactly what's available and how much it'll cost you - all without having to google "marinas near X" and endlessly clicking to do research.

Life just got a little easier. So, spend all of that extra time we have saved you by getting out on the boat for your next vacation!

Transient/Short Term Rental Boat Slips